An Introduction to
George Galfo’s Mystics

Let us go back in time. The key words here are doowop and harmony – light, simple and ever so beautiful. It was the late 50’s and the words were heard on the airwaves and fans sung along “ Hushabye, hushabye – oh my darling don’t you cry, Guardian angel from above – take care of the one I love”.

Recording on the Laurie label, the group was originally offered “ Teenager In Love”, which was written for them by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman. However, Laurie execs had other things planned and gave away the hit record to another artist by the name of Dion. The Mystics weren’t ones to be silenced and soon thereafter made up for the slight with their own “golden great” called “HUSHABYE” followed by “White Cliffs of Dover” and “Don’t Take The Stars”.

Today George Galfo looks back with pride and a new day has begun. In keeping those harmonies coming, original second tenor, George Galfo, has formed his own celebrated Mystical group. Joining George are Joe Neary (former member of Reunion, Bits N Pieces, and toured with Dion and first tenor on his last two CD’s), Frank Caprioli (former lead singer of The Fabulons, State of Being, and Salvation Navy) and Mike Miller (former lead singer of Harmony Street).

Today the sound of George Galfo’s Mystics still harbor the soft breezes of harmony perfection and the audience’s embrace and applause continue to shine a glow and so George’s group continues in their quest of keeping the sounds of harmony doo-wop alive in our hearts.
If You want to see Them Live
Click On this link for Hush-A-Bye